Baby Johnny at 2 weeks old and Big Brother Jimi at 2 years old {sneak peek}

Happy 2015!  My year has started by photographing this newborn sweetheart, Baby Johnny, and his big brother Jimi this afternoon.  Baby Johnny is only 2 weeks old and is an absolute delight!  Big brother Jimi just turned 2 and such a talkative little guy!  Here are a couple of sneak peeks… they melt my heart… Congratulations to parents Melissa & Kevin!

{Images to Cherish} a perfect fall day

{Images to Cherish} a perfect fall day

There’s been a lot of families having two girls lately… being an auntie to 3 nephews under the age of 6, I am in awe when I see sisters…
So I loved photographing sisters Isabella and Hannah who are almost like twins being about a year and a half apart! Their world is full of Disney princesses and ribbons in their hair and girlie things…a stark contrast to my world of Star Wars, firetrucks and crashing cars.

I’ve photographed the N family twice before and I always love photographing this sweet family. Here’s my favourite family portrait of them nestled in the beautiful Vancouver fall colours… 

{Images to Cherish} tickle fest

{Images to Cherish} by mika inokoshi photography

Fall photos are great for family portraits for Christmas cards….it’s just a beautiful time of year to capture a growing family. What I love most are the candid photos…not the ones that make it on the Christmas cards but the action fun shots in between the “look at the camera and smile” shots…

I had taken photos for the C family earlier this year when their younger daughter Avery was 6 months old… and now that she was just turning one, it was the perfect time for outdoor photos. So here’s one that I love… older daughter Amber laughing loudly as the family enjoys a little tickle fest. I hope mom and dad can hear Amber’s hearty laugh when looking at this image… I certainly do!

{Images to Cherish} Fall Love

{Images to Cherish} by mika inokoshi photography

In the midst of editing and found this special moment between E and her beautiful mom! I love the fall.

{Images to Cherish} Doggie Love

{Images to Cherish} by mika inokoshi photography

One of my longtime clients Christine contacted me last year to have photos of their beloved family dog Satchi taken with the family.  Satchi was ill and was not eating so we did an emergency photo session at Central Park with their whole family on a beautiful March afternoon. 

It’s amazing how a dog brings family together…. everyone just LOVES Satchi. The whole family came out to have photos with him and everyone wanted photos with him.  He’s been a part of the kids entire life and even I knew of Satchi from a long time ago. I remember going back home from the photo session thinking, “What a lucky dog!”.  

Fortunately it was just a scare last year when Satchi was ill. Unfortunately Christine just told me that Satchi did pass on last week at the old age of 15 and a half years old.  These photos mean so much more now…of Satchi surrounded by a family that loved him so much. Pure doggie love.

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